Sunday, October 11, 2009


Had a great time at youth lunch today! I didn't get back til 2:30! It was so much fun just sitting and hanging out with the youth! We had 2 ex-youth (2 graduates from last year!) come to lunch with us! I miss them not being a part of youth. I know that's what's suppose to happen. They grow up and find their own path. It's hard to be left behind. I miss them! I'm still praying for them. I totally get what my mom means by you never stop being a mom. I worry over them even when they're gone.
Well, I'm looking forward to tonight's youth! We have a really "Cool" game we will be playing!!!
I will try to take pics and post them!

Friday, October 9, 2009

How quickly they grow up!

Do you remember this little bundle of energy?!?

All 2lbs of her?!?!?

The only time she was still was when she was sleeping!

WELL...She's gotten bigger!

She's still a bundle of energy! She loves to chase Jack-Jack!

Actually, the only reason she chases Jack-Jack is to take the toy away from him!

He tolerates her trying to get it away from him!

She's almost always successful!

When Dipstick wants the toy, she gives in!

Dipstick is still "safe" against Jack-Jack's attempts to take the toy back!

"Fine, I didn't want to play with that toy anyway!"

Their ALL TIME FAVORITE game to play is "Where's Daddy?!?"
Who will find Claude first?

She's so much fun! Jack-Jack is starting to show some signs of jealousy (or male domination, not sure which!)
We're hoping it will pass!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

another reason I love my husband!

Last Christmas, we rented a car, drove to Florida and surprised my parents! It was awesome! I had such a great time! The only bad thing that came out of it was I lost my green iPod nano that Claude had bought me earlier that year. He had since bought me another one, a purple 4th generation nano. I like this one too, but my green one was sentimental! It was the color I chose and Claude went and got it for me as a surprise gift! Needless to say, I was bummed. I figured I left it in the rental car and some lucky person got a bonus when they rented it!
Well, Claude was cleaning out the backpack to take it to Catalyst & guess what he found!?!?
You guessed GREEN iPod Nano!!!

Welcome home my sweet!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Some cool things going on!

It's been a little while so I have several things to share!
First, we went to our local high school where most of our youth attend. It was Spirit Week!!
Do you remember how much fun Spirit Week was?!? I do! We went on Twin Day! All of our youth wore Discovery shirts! It WAS AWESOME! I loved seeing all the blue shirts! check it out!

This is 3/4 of our Sr High! Aren't they AWESOME!?!
I just love them to pieces!

We had to jump in and get a picture with them! These are "our kids"! Memories made!

They just love hanging out together! Beautiful memories and friendships to last a lifetime!
So after we hung out with them at lunch, we came back and took some more pictures! It was alot of fun! People were walking by joking about how many "twins" there were!!! (This all took place on Tuesday.)

Friday night, the ladies of our church had our monthly LNO (Ladies Nite Out)!
The theme for October was Murder Mystery! We got to dress up and play roles in a murder mystery game! It was so much fun!!!

Our "Miss America", Lindsay, was commenting on "Miss California's" boob job!

"Miss California", Sasha, used bags of pudding to make her more "voluptuous"!
We couldn't stop laughing over it! What an ingenious way to add to your...!
There was only one problem though! She leaked!

"Miss New Mexico", Laci, and "Miss Kentucky", Cessie, looked so pretty! They could really pass off as Miss America contestants!!!

"Miss Mississippi", "Miss Florida", and "Miss New Mexico"!
The bad thing about taking pictures is that I am almost always BEHIND the camera. I'm waiting on some pictures from some of the other ladies so maybe I can get some more of myself!
We had a blast!
Oh, and by the way, "Miss Arizona" killed "Miss Texas"!