Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas #3

When we were in Florida, we became friends with a couple that, I must say, I NEVER SAW MYSELF being friends with! He was always so full of Biblical knowledge and so "deep" and she SEEMED like the submissive sweet wife!
Well, I was wrong! About a great many things when it came to this couple!
Todd & Diona Boyle are a unique couple. He actually IS very spiritual and deep. But, not in a pious or fake way. He truly loves the Lord and loves sharing what he's learned about Jesus with anyone who will listen! He's a kind and thoughtful man and I know Claude loved hanging out with him!
Diona...what can I say about her?!? We are ALOT more alike than I ever dreamed possible! Sweet...yes! Submissive...yes! But, definitely the feisty, stubborn one of the two! She was my "partner in crime"! Our motto was always "better to ask forgiveness, than permission"!!! You laugh, but we got ALOT more accomplished when we went with our guts than when we waited on the committees and red tape that sometimes go with Southern Baptist churches!!! I love her! She was the brains and I was the brawn! She'd have these brilliant ideas and it was my job to make sure that they happened!
For the entire time we've ever worked in childrens church, they have been the ONLY couple that was in there all the time with us. We've never had any other 2 people dedicate their time and their chance at sitting in a service to the childrens ministry!
I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that they gave this ornament to us the year before we moved. It means so much to me bcause everytime I pull it out and hang it on the tree, I remember them and how much they love us and pray for us!
Thank U Todd & Diona! We will always love U and ur family more than we can say!

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