Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I love Christmas #2

Claude didn't really see much need to put up a Christmas tree and decorate the house up since we won't be here for Christmas. But, somehow he understood just how much it meant to me so he pulled all the stuff out of the attic space and hauled it downstairs for me! I just adore that Man!
I love having a fake tree...I loved having a real tree. But, all in all, I love my fake tree better. It's just so convenient! When I'm ready to put it up, I don't have to go pick one out from Home Depot (NEVER LOWES!!! Got one with worms in it one year...NEVER AGAIN!). It's me, whatever works the most efficient. Besides, I got the tree 6 years ago from Walmart for $25!!! How can u beat that?!? A 7 1/2ft tree for $25 that I can use again and again!!!!!!
Anyway, I think it looks pretty real! And, I have a Yankee Candle that is evergreen/spruce scented so the house still smells like a tree is inside!
What do you think?!?
We love it!
Friends from Discovery Church gave this to us last year! Isn't it beautiful!?!
Thank U, Gar & Stacy!
"My" nativity scene! I know, I looks like a child's toy. I just thought it looked so simple and yet it tells the story so beautifully!

OK, now for the ornament of the day:
This ornament is a door...the door to our new home in North Carolina, the door to a new life, the door to a new church, and the door to the new path that God gave us 4 years ago.
It symbolized so much for me that first year. I was excited, anxious, sad, happy, lonely...there were so many things happening and I just missed my family (especially during the holidays!).
God was faithful! He is still faithful! He will always be faithful!
So, the ornament means alot to me because of the MANY new doors that were opened that first year here!


Laci Strickland said...

Loved this post so much. So happy to have gone through this crazy door together, too!! :-)

And ps:
Your tree is beautiful!

Sheila said...

Thanks Laci!
It IS great to have friends that go thru those doors with u!

Kim said...

Love reading about your Christmas decorating!! I am living through you as we have decided not to decorate this year. Lots to celebrate and be thankful for!!

Gentzlers said...

I think it is great that you are decorating even if you will be gone. Going to FL???? That will be nice. Thanks for sharing your Christmas pics. Kathy

The Nassars said...

Your tree is adorable!
I love the glass block, been wanting one myself!
I have that same nativity set!
woo hoo!

I am loving your posts about your ornaments, such fun!