Friday, December 11, 2009

R U still interested in my ornaments?!?

I know to some people collecting momentos from places you've been seems silly. For me, it's the memories that it brings back!
This ornament comes from Colonial Williamsburg, VA!
Our very first winter that we stayed here in NC, my parents came up to spend Christmas with us! Now, that was a HUGE DEAL to me! You see, I have a brother and sister-in-law who have given my parents 5 grandchildren (4 at the time!). For my parents to come and spend it with me and Claude was a priceless memory! Anyway, a couple days after Christmas, we went to Williamsburg together. None of us had ever been! It was alot of fun shopping, sightseeing, etc!
So, this little porcelain ornament reminds me of how much my parents love me! They gave up spending a Christmas with their grandkids to spend it with their daughter and son-in-law!
I love you, Mom & Dad!


Dean and Mary said...

Those are the best memories!!! You're loved more than you can imagine. Grandchildren are precious gifts that your children give you, but you are the gifts that God saw fit to give us. We love our grandchildren but our children can't be replace by them. Your mama and daddy love you and have raised you to be the incredible woman you are. Plus, the grandkids live there. They can see them any time. With you far away I'm sure your mama was missing you something fierce!! Mama's love their daughters because they are their friends.

Laci Strickland said...

Wow, what Mary wrote is so true!! Sometimes even having kids, I feel like my parents miss seeing the kids more than they miss seeing me! (I know this is not true..maybe 90%, but not completely!! lol) Still, it's such a good reminder that WE were the gifts God gave them. It's so hard being away from family! So happy that you will get to be with all of them this Christmas! Woo Hoo!

So see, we are still interested in your ornaments!! ;)

Gentzlers said...

Ditto the others! ;) I'm definitely enjoying the stories behind each one. Most of ours are just because we liked them. But we do have a few from distant lands. Maybe I will share them on our blog.

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